Articles > Chupacabra – One of the most frightening creatures of Cryptozoology

Chupacabra – One of the most frightening creatures of Cryptozoology

Chupacabra – One of the most frightening creatures of Cryptozoology

The Chupacabra is one of the most recent creatures of cryptozoology, first seen during the early 1990s in Puerto Rico. El Chupacabra, Chupacabras or Goat Sucker is a creature native to the Americas, particularly the island where it was first reported, Mexico, and the United States, although this being has been reported in other Latin American communities.

Goat sucker is the literal translation to the Spanish word Chupacabra, the name given to the creature after being reported as a winged being, with the habit of attacking and drinking the blood of goats and livestock. Like occurs with other cryptids, the Chupacabra is described in different way after the sightings in Puerto Rico. From the North Carolinas in the United States to the south of Chile bordering with Argentina, the Chupacabra was a lonely single creature flying from one location to another, until the reports of attacks revealed that there is more than one creature in the area.

Once again, the scientists consider the Chupacabra a legendary creature, born from modern urban legends, but nobody can explain how and who attacked animals in the way the Chupacabra is described to attack. In early 1992, the first reports were considered human acts of Satanism or a similar cult. Later, it was said that a sort of primitive vampire was responsible for the killings of many different types of goats, and other animals, including birds, dogs, cows and horses. All dead animals were found with one pattern in common, they all had two puncture holes on their necks and they were totally drained of blood.

Mass hysteria began when the lack of blood was accompanied by mutilations and the reports outside Puerto Rico were more frequent. Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Panama, Peru, Brazil, Dominican Republic, and the United States were the preferred target of the Chupacabra before making Mexico its second home. After being considered a vampire or "macho cabrio", the Chupacabra was considered a type of Alien until the continuous sightings gave it specific forms of appearance. The Chupacabra is supposed to be a wallaby-like being, a strange breed of wild dog, or the most common, a lizard-like creature with greenish-gray skin and sharp spines running down its back.

In 2001 a Chupacabra’s corpse was found in Nicaragua supporting the conclusion that it is simply a strange breed of wild dog, but in recent years the tracks of a winged-like being were found in Mexico. This finding shows a creature as it was originally described in the 1990s, but without the corpse, this proof makes no evidence for scientists.

By Robert W. Benjamin. July 14, 2006.

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