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ESF Launches New Vision on Marine Science in the European Research Area

the European Science Foundation Marine Board transmits its strategic report Integrating Marine Science in Europe to EU Commissioner Philippe Busquin in Brussels.

The report, which is the result of two years consultation, provides a comprehensive overview of the important role of marine science in sustainable development and in meeting societal needs. It identifies exciting new developments in science and technology, highlights long-term observational needs, access to large scale infrastructures and outreach activities.

In presenting the report, Jean-Fran’?ois Minster, CEO of the French Marine Institute (IFREMER) and newly elected Chairperson of the ESF Marine Board said that "We have established an important milestone in the process of integrating and developing marine science as a key component of the European Research Area. We have provided a basis for developing mechanisms for better co-ordinating Member States Marine R&D programmes, facilitating interagency co-operation and maximising the benefit for marine science and the marine sector for the European 6th Framework Programme."

"With this report, the ESF Marine Board intends to be a catalyst for the creation of a European Marine Research Area", he concluded.

Further information: National ESF Marine Board member

European Science Foundation (ESF). November 2002.


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