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Biology (Cliffs AP) by Phillip

Biology (Cliffs AP)  



  • Phillip E. Ph.D. Pack 


  • Paperback: 416 pages
  • Publisher: Cliffs Notes; 2 edition
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 0764586823
  • Product Dimensions: 10.8 x 8.1 x 1.0 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 1.76 pounds


Book Description

CliffsAP study guides help you gain an edge on Advanced Placement* exams. Review exercises, realistic practice exams, and effective test-taking strategies are the key to calmer nerves and higher AP* scores.

CliffsAP Biology, 2nd Edition, is for students who are enrolled in AP Biology or who are preparing for the Advanced Placement Examination in Biology. Inside, you’ll find hints for answering the essay and multiple-choice sections, a clear explanation of the exam format, a look at how exams are graded, and more:

  • A topic-by-topic look at what’s on the exam
  • A review of all 12 AP laboratory exercises
  • Must-know AP Biology essay questions.
  • Typical answers to free-response questions
  • Loads of illustrations, graphs, and tables

Sample questions (and answers!) and practice tests reinforce what you’ve learned in areas such as molecular genetics, photosynthesis, and animal behavior. CliffsAP Biology, 2nd Edition, also includes the following:

  • Chemistry of metabolic reactions
  • Structure and function of cells; cell division
  • Respiration, including the Krebs Cycle, glycolysis, and mitochondria
  • Heredity, including crosses, dominance, and inheritance
  • Taxonomy, with a survey of the five kingdoms
  • Plants, including tissues, germination and development, root and stem structures
  • Animal structure and function; reproduction and development

This comprehensive guide offers a thorough review of key concepts and detailed answer explanations. It’s all you need to do your best — and get the college credits you deserve.

*Advanced Placement Program and AP are registered trademarks of the College Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse this product. 

From the Back Cover

The inside tips and tricks you need to score big When it comes to pinpointing the stuff you really need to know, nobody does it better than CliffsNotes. This fast, efficient test-prep guide delivers a complete program to help boost your score on the Advanced Placement Biology exam.

  • Expert test-taking strategies
  • Focused reviews and exercises
  • Realistic full-length practice exams
  • Comprehensive exam overview
  • Action plan for effective preparation
  • Accurate self-assessment tests

With a thorough review of key concepts and terms plus detailed answer explanations, this comprehensive guide is all you need to do your best — and obtain the college credits you deserve. Visit the Test Prep ThinkTank @ Free test samples and schedules Free test-taking tips and tricks Free info on other test resources Free CliffsNote-A-Day tips Plus hundreds of downloadable Cliffs titles Get the credit you deserve with CliffsAP CliffsAP guides are available for most Advanced Placement exams. See inside for a complete listing of these and other titles from the experts at CliffsNotes. 

About the Author(s)

Phillip E. Pack has taught AP Biology and gifted programs for eleven years. He is currently an assistant professor of math and science at Woodbury University in Burbank, California.  



A New Hope: Cliffs AP Biology, July 29, 2006

This has to do be one of the best review books, if not the best, for the AP Biology Exam. Although I worked very hard throughout the entire year, I needed a good review a couple weeks before the AP. All of my classmates had this book, and they loved it? Well, it is an excellent summary of all of the things learned in AP Bio. It presents only the most important terms, concepts, people, and experiments. It follows the structure of the Campbell Biology books. In essence, its information matches exactly what is in all of these books. It condenses and simplifies all topics and makes them comprehensible to even the lay reader. Its summaries last for around 200 pages. After that, it moves onto the twelve required AP experiments and explains them in short yet precise paragraphs. This really helps, especially if you have not done all of the experiments throughout the year. In the end, it provides practice test questions and their answers and explains the answers thoroughly. I forgot: there are practice questions at the end of each chapter to check-up on your comprehension. In the end, I read the Cliffs AP from beginning to end, looked over our handouts, read all my class notes, took practice APs, went over all of the experiments, and looked over key areas in my textbook. It paid off in the end: I got a 5. Because of this book, I had no doubt in my mind what I would get on the AP exam. Go in peace, my brothers and sisters.