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The Way To Vibrant Health: A Manual Of Bioenergetic Exercises

The Way To Vibrant Health: A Manual Of Bioenergetic Exercises  



  • Alexander Lowen  
  • Leslie Lowen
  • Walter Skalecki  


  • Paperback: 161 pages
  • Publisher: Bioenergetics Press (December 30, 2003)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0974373710
  • ISBN-13: 978-0974373713
  • Product Dimensions: 7.7 x 5 x 0.5 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 5.6 ounces 



Book Description

The Way to Vibrant Health, now in its third printing, represents over 20 years of Bioenergetic Psychotherapeutic practice. Exercises designed to reduce tensions and promote natural breathing will help you become more in touch with your feelings and emotions.

Bioenergetic Exercises help you:

-Breath in a complete respiratory wave with total body action

-Break unconscious holding paterns that disrupt natural breathing

-Release blocked feelings and emotions and reduce muscular tension

Bioenergetic Analysis, created by internationally acclaimed psychiatrist and author Alexander Lowen, M.D., is a form of psychotherapy that combines work with the body and mind. Its goal is to help people resolve their emotional problmes and realize their potential for pleasure and joy in living. Bioenergetic Analysis is available in the United States, Canada, South America, Europe Israel, Japan, New Zealand, and Australia.

About the Author

Alexander Lowen, M.D., has practiced psychotherapy for more than 55 years. He has authored 12 books on Bioenergetic Analysis, including Fear of Life; Depression and the Body; Love, Sex, and Your Heart; Joy; Language of the Body; and Narcissism



I’m so glad this is back in print!, November 6, 2006

A few years ago, the only way to get this was, to cough up $100! And I think it probably would have been worth that.

I’ve heard that some people thought he was a bit of a crack, however, I can vouch for many of the exercises I’ve done from this little book. I’ve got a few of his books and have read them, although as I decided to do Bioenergetic therapy (a body work therapy) as a client, I decided it probably was best I didnt read too much because my aim was to release tension from my body and resolve issues from my past, not to get more into my head.

I have vivid memories of process I did realising that before I started on a scale of 1 to 100 the holding and tension in my shoulders was 100, it went down to maybe 80 after some ongoing work and during a process I had an experience of a zero, no constriction in those muscles at all. It was a shocking realisation, something that startles me as I reflect on it even to this day.

OK, back to the book! There’s not a lot of theory in here, go to his other books if you want that. In any case, I dont accept everything he writes as being true and neither should you. Like everyone he has his own perspective, shaped by his experiences and unique worldview. Many of the exercises though are both simple, easy to do and of excellent value. While I think it’s best obviously to do Bioenergetics with someone who’s trained in it (I think it’s about a six year, very experiential, training course), there are exercises in this book you can do without such a person. They assist with self expression, anger (a biggie for most people), breathing properly (are you breathing as you read this?), holding in relation to stored sexual tension, being in touch with your body, massage techniques and grounding among others. Many are VERY effective for getting into your body. And when I’ve had that experience through bionergetics, I’ve realised, quite clearly, I have not desire to be ‘in my head’.

It’s a very practical book, with many illustrations, questions for debriefs and recommendations. What you get in terms of the dozens of excercises outlined in there that you can do at home, for the current list price, it’s a steal.

I highly recommend this book.