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1. A sheep. Not so much ground as will feed a mutton. (Sir H. Sidney) Muttons, beeves, and porkers are good old words for the living quadrupeds. (Hallam)
2. The flesh of a sheep. The fat of roasted mutton or beef. (swift)
3. A loose woman; a prostitute. Mutton bird, the American eelpout. See Eelpout. Mutton fist, a big brawny fist or hand. Mutton monger, a pimp . To return to one’s muttons. translation of a phrase from a farce by De Brueys, revenons a nos moutons let us return to our sheep To return to one’s topic, subject of discussion, etc. I willingly return to my muttons. (H. R. Haweis)
Origin: OE. Motoun, OF. Moton, molton, a sheep, wether, F. Mouton, LL. Multo, by transposition of l fr. L. Mutilus mutilated. See Mutilate.