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Acquired ichthyosis

A a non-genetic type of ichthyosis that is acquired at adulthood, and often associated with certain malignant diseases such as Hodgkins disease, lymphosarcoma, and leprosy, and severe nutritional deficiencies
Ichthyosis is a skin disorder characterized by having a dry, thick, scaly skin. The scaling is due to the excessive keratinization or cornification on the affected skin. It may be classified into hereditary (genetic) and acquired. Hereditary ichthyosis is congenital and associated with a defective gene due to mutations (e.g. deletions or substitutions). When the disorder is genetic, it may be inherited. The parents may pass it on to the child. There are instances when both parents do not exhibit this disorder but are carriers of the mutated gene. When a child inherits the mutated gene from both parents, the child will exhibit ichthyosis. Many of the forms of ichthyosis are hereditary. Fewer cases are acquired. An acquired ichthyosis, also called ichthyosis acquisita, is a non-genetic type of ichthyosis. It is not congenital but acquired in adulthood. It is associated with other medical conditions such as leprosy, typhoid fever, HIV, autoimmune conditions, malignancies (e.g. Kaposi’s sarcoma, visceral carcinoma, etc.), endocrine diseases, and metabolic diseases.

  • ichthyosis acquisita

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