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noun, plural: albuminurias
A condition characterized by the presence of albumin in the urine
Albuminuria refers to the condition wherein the urine contains albumin. It is a type of proteinuria (i.e. the presence of excessive amounts of proteins in the urine).
Serum albumin is a globular protein in the vertebrate blood. It is produced in the liver and then occurs in blood plasma. It is a major plasma protein involved in the plasma colloidal osmotic pressure. Its function is to transport proteins, hormones, and fatty acids. Albumin in the urine may be considered normal as long as within the trace amounts. This occurs when a person has long been standing. This is called postural albuminuria. High levels of albumin in the urea may denote a renal disease.
Word origin: Latin albūmen (“egg white”), from albus (“white”) + Greek –ouría, from oûron (“urine”)
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