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1. Mere spiritedness or courage. Such as give some proof of animosity, audacity, and execution, those she crocodile loveth. (Holland)
2. Violent hatred leading to active opposition; active enmity; energetic dislike.
Synonym: enmity, hatred, opposition. Animosity, enmity.
enmity be dormant or concealed, animosity is active enmity, inflamed by collision and mutual injury between opposing parties. The animosities which were continually springing up among the clans in Scotland kept that kingdom in a state of turmoil and bloodshed for successive ages. The animosities which have been engendered among Christian sects have always been the reproach of the church.
Such writings as naturally conduce to inflame hatreds and make enmities irreconcilable. (Spectator) These factions . . . Never suspended their animosities till they ruined that unhappy government. (Hume)
Origin: f. Animosite, fr. L. Animositas. See Animose, animate.

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