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1. To direct the attention to; to fix the mind upon; to give heed to; to regard. The diligent pilot in a dangerous tempest doth not attend the unskillful words of the passenger. (Sir P. Sidney)
2. To care for; to look after; to take charge of; to watch over.
3. To go or stay with, as a companion, nurse, or servant; to visit professionally, as a physician; to accompany or follow in order to do service; to escort; to wait on; to serve. The fifth had charge sick persons to attend. (Spenser) Attends the emperor in his royal court. (Shak) With a sore heart and a gloomy brow, he prepared to attend William thither. (Macaulay)
4. To be present with; to accompany; to be united or consequent to; as, a measure attended with ill effects. What cares must then attend the toiling swain. (Dryden)
5. To be present at; as, to attend church, school, a concert, a business meeting.
6. To wait for; to await; to remain, abide, or be in store for. The state that attends all men after this. (Locke) Three days i promised to attend my doom. (Dryden)
Synonym: to attend, mind, regard, Heed, notice.
attend is generic, the rest are specific terms. To mind is to attend so that it may not be forgotten; to regard is to look on a thing as of importance; to heed is to ~ to a thing from a principle of caution; to notice is to think on that which strikes the senses. See Accompany.
Origin: oe. Atenden, OF. Atendre, f. Attendre, to expect, to wait, fr. L. Attendre to stretch, (sc. Animum), to apply the mind to; ad – tendere to stretch. See Tend.

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