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1. A dry measure, containing four pecks, eight gallons, or thirty-two quarts.
The Winchester bushel, formerly used in England, contained 2150.42 cubic inches, being the volume of a cylinder 18 inches in internal diameter and eight inches in depth. The standard bushel measures, prepared by the united states government and distributed to the states, hold each 77.6274 pounds of distilled water, at 39.8 deg Fahr. And 30 inches atmospheric pressure, being the equivalent of the Winchester bushel. The imperial bushel now in use in England is larger than the Winchester bushel, containing 2218.2 cubic inches, or 80 pounds of water at 62 deg Fahr.
2. A vessel of the capacity of a bushel, used in measuring; a bushel measure. Is a candle brought to be put under a bushel, or under a bed, and not to be set on a candlestick? (mark iv. 21)
3. A quantity that fills a bushel measure; as, a heap containing ten bushels of apples.
in the united states a large number of articles, bought and sold by the bushel, are measured by weighing, the number of pounds that make a bushel being determined by state law or by local custom. For some articles, as apples, potatoes, etc, heaped measure is required in measuring a bushel.
4. A large indefinite quantity. ”The worthies of antiquity bought the rarest pictures with bushels of gold, without co
unting the weight or the number of the pieces.” (Dryden)
5. The iron lining in the nave of a wheel. In the united states it is called a box. See 4th bush.
Origin: oe. Buschel, boischel, OF. Boissel, bussel, boistel, f. Boisseau, LL. Bustellus; dim. Of bustia, buxida (OF. Boiste), fr. Pyxida, acc. Of L. Pyxis box, gr. Cf. Box.

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