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Cerebellar cortex

The outer layer of the cerebellum
The cerebellar cortex is a thin gray layer surrounding the cerebellum. It is made up of outer molecular layer, middle ganglionic layer, and inner granular layer. The molecular layer, referred to as stratum moleculare, contains glattened dendritic trees of purkinje cells, as well as inhibitory interneurons such as stellate and basket cells. The ganglionic layer is a single layer of purkinje cells. The granular layer, also called as stratum granulosum, consists of granule cells, as well as interneurons.
Word origin: cerebellar, from Latin, diminutive of cerebrum + cortex, from Latin, meaning bark, outer layer
Also called:

  • cortex cerebelli

Mentioned in:

  • granule cells
  • archeocerebellum

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