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Chimney sweep’s cancer

Scrotum cancer AKA Pott’s cancer, chimney sweepers cancer or soot-wart (identified in 1775)
Description: small tumor or a wart-like growth on the scrotal skin.
Cause: long exposure to tar, soot or oils. Also poor hygiene and chronic inflammation, ultraviolet light A radiation and HPV.
clinical Course: tumor grows on the skin and eventually ulcerates. It is easily malignant due to the thin cellular walls of the scrotal skin. Cancer may move to lymph nodes in inguinal area. There may be chronic irritation for 20-30 years.
Epidemiology: men 60 years old. Chimney sweeps and coal miners particularly.
Treatment: Wide local excision of tumor on scrotum. Dissection of inguinal and femoral nodes.

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