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Collagen type I-alpha 1

A protein that is responsible to provide instructions of type 1 collagen which is involved in the structure and support of various tissues in the body including skin, tendon, cartilage and sclera.
Collagen type I-alpha 1 gene is mapped on chromosome 17q21.33 containing 51 exons with a molecular mass of 120kD comprises of two alpha 1 chains and one alpha 2 chain. It functions on the degree of hydroxylation of proline and lysine residues for cross-linking and glycosylation.
Collagen type I-alpha 1 is found abundantly in cornea, dermis, bone and tendon where in bones and fibril is mineralized with calcium hydroxyapatite.
Collagen type I-alpha 1 gene mutation is implicated in some disease like osteogenesis imperfecta type I-IV a disorder typified by the reduced production of pro-alpha1 chains that caused cells to make only half of the normal amount of type 1 collagen. It also associated in Caffey disease an infantile cortical hypertosis that usually occurs at 5 months old characterized by swelling of soft tissues, pain and excessive bone formation.
Gene name: COL1A1
Protein name: Collagen alpha-1(I) chain
• OI4
• Alpha-1 type I collagen preprotein
• Collagen type I alpha 1
• COL1A1/PDGFB fusion gene, included
• Collagen of skin, tendon and bone alpha-1 chain
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