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1. Authority; jurisdiction; control. In dangerhad he . . . The young girls. (Chaucer)
2. Power to harm; subjection or liability to penalty. See in one’s danger, below. You stand within his danger, do you not? (Shak) Covetousness of gains hath brought them in dangerof this statute. (Robynson (mores Utopia))
3. Exposure to injury, loss, pain, or other evil; peril; risk; insecurity.
4. Difficulty; sparingness.
5. Coyness; disdainful behavior. In one’s danger, in one’s power; liable to a penalty to be inflicted by him. This sense is retained in the proverb, Out of debt out of danger. Those rich man in whose debt and danger they be not. (Robynson (mores Utopia)) to do danger, to cause danger.
Synonym: Peril, hazard, risk, jeopardy.
danger, Peril, hazard, risk, Jeopardy. Danger is the generic term, and implies some contingent evil in prospect. Peril is instant or impending danger; as, in peril of one’s life. Hazard arises from something fortuitous or beyond our control; as, the hazard of the seas. Risk is doubtful or uncertain danger, often incurred voluntarily; as, to risk an engagement. Jeopardy is extreme danger. Danger of a contagious disease; the perils of shipwreck; the hazards of speculation; the risk of daring enterprises; a life brought into jeopardy.
Origin: oe. Danger, daunger, power, arrogance, refusal, difficulty, fr. OF. Dagier, dongier (with same meaning), f. Danger danger, fr. An assumed LL. Dominiarium power, authority, from L. Dominium power, property. See dungeon, domain, dame.

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