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Or, pertaining to, or relating to deglutition
Deglutitive is an adjective form relating to deglutition, which is a science term for swallowing. Deglutition refers to the process of swallowing food stuff into the mouth and propelling it through the esophagus (then down to the digestive tract). Thus, deglutitive is a descriptive term relating to the act or process of swallowing. An example of its usage is the term deglutitive inhibition. The term deglutitive inhibition is a natural phenomenon during deglutition wherein each swallow leads to inhibition of any ongoing contraction in the esophagus. This is essential during rapid fluid intake where multiple swallows in rapid succession results in the inhibition of esophageal contraction that lasts until the last of the series of swallow.1 Another usage of the term is deglutitive disorder. The term deglutitive disorder (more known as deglutition disorder) is one of the symptoms (together with fever and anorexia) in cattles infected with Ibaraki virus, which is the causative agent of EHDV (epizootic hemorrhagic disease virus).
Word origin: Latin dēglūtīt , from – + glūtī (re) (to swallow) + –ive
Related term(s):

  • deglutition


1Mashimo , H., and R. K. Goyal. “Physiology of esophageal motility.” GI Motility Online doi:10.1038/gimo3 (2006): {http://www.nature.com Link. Web.

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