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1. To eat up with greediness; to consume ravenously; to feast upon like a wild beast or a glutton; to prey upon. Some evil beast hath devoured him. (gen. Xxxvii. 20)
2. To seize upon and destroy or appropriate greedily, selfishly, or wantonly; to consume; to swallow up; to use up; to waste; to annihilate. Famine and pestilence shall devour him. (Ezek. Vii. 15) I waste my life and do my days devour. (Spenser)
3. To enjoy with avidity; to appropriate or take in eagerly by the senses. Longing they look, and gaping at the sight, devour her o’er with vast delight. (Dryden)
Synonym: to consume, waste, destroy, annihilate.
Origin: f. Devorer, fr. L. Devorare; de – vorare to eat greedily, swallow up. See Voracious.

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