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1. To make thinner or more liquid by admixture with something; to thin and dissolve by mixing. Mix their watery store. With the chyle’s current, and dilute it more. (Blackmore)
2. To diminish the strength, flavor, colour, etc, of, by mixing; to reduce, especially by the addition of water; to temper; to attenuate; to weaken. Lest these colours should be diluted and weakened by the mixture of any adventitious light. (Sir i. Newton)
Origin: L. Dilutus, p. P. Of diluere to wash away, dilute; di- = dis- – luere, equiv. To lavare to wash, lave. See Lave, and cf. Deluge.
Lessen the strength or flavor of a solution or mixture; cut bourbon.Reduced in strength or concentration or quality or purity; diluted alcohol; a dilute solution; dilute acetic acid.A substance with ‘watered down chemical properties by adding a chemical that can neutralise its effect.

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