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1. Want of concord or agreement; absence of unity or harmony in sentiment or action; variance leading to contention and strife; disagreement; applied to persons or to things, and to thoughts, feelings, or purposes. A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren. (Prov. Vi. 19) Peace to arise out of universal discord fomented in all parts of the empire. (Burke)
2. Union of musical sounds which strikes the ear harshly or disagreeably, owing to the incommensurability of the vibrations which they produce; want of musical concord or harmony; a chord demanding resolution into a concord. For a discord itself is but a harshness of divers sounds ming. (Bacon) apple of discord. See apple.
Synonym: variance, difference, opposition, contrariety, clashing, dissension, contention, strife, disagreement, dissonance.
Origin: oe. Discord, descord, OF. Discorde, descorde, f. Discorde, from L. Discordia, fr. Discors, -cordis, discordant, disagreeable; dis- – cor, cordis, heart; cf. F. Discord, n, and OF. Descorder, discorder, f. Discorder, to discord, L. Discordare, from discors. See heart, and cf. Discord.

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