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1. Separate; distinct; disjunct.
2. Disjunctive; containing a disjunctive or discretive clause; as, I resign my life, but not my honor, is a discrete proposition.
3. (Science: botany) Separate; not coalescent; said of things usually coalescent. Discrete movement. See concrete movement of the voice, under concrete, discrete proportion, proportion where the ratio of the means is different from that of either couplet; as, 3:6::8:16, 3 bearing the same proportion to 6 as 8 does to 16. But 3 is not to 6 as 6 to 8. It is thus opposed to continued or continual proportion; as, 3:6::12:24. Discrete quantity, that which must be divided into units, as number, and is opposed to continued quantity, as duration, or extension.
Origin: L. Discretus, p. P. Of discernere. See Discreet.

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