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1. A dull, gloomy state of the mind; sadness; melancholy; low spirits; despondency; ill humor; now used only in the plural. March slowly on in solemn dump. (Hudibras) Doleful dumps the mind oppress. (Shak) I was musing in the midst of my dumps. (Bunyan)
The ludicrous associations now attached to this word did not originally belong to it. Holland’s translation of Livy represents the romans as being in the dumps’ after the battle of Cannae.
2. Absence of mind; revery.
3. A melancholy strain or tune in music; any tune. Tune a deploring dump. Play me some merry dump.
4. An old kind of dance.
Origin: cf. Dial. Sw. Dumpin melancholy, Dan.dump dull, low, D. Dompig damp, g. Dumpf damp, dull, gloomy, and E. Damp, or rather perh. Dump, v. T. Cf. Damp, or dump.
1. A car or boat for dumping refuse, etc.
2. A ground or place for dumping ashes, refuse, etc.
3. That which is dumped.
4. (Science: chemical) a pile of ore or rock.

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