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Dwarf galagos

noun, plural: dwarf galagos
Any of the species belonging to the genus Galagoides of the family Galagidae
Galagos are primates belonging to the family Galagidae. The extant genera of family Galagidae include Otolemur (greater galagos), Euoticus (needle-clawed galagos), Galago (lesser galagos), Sciurocheirus (squirrel galagos), and Galagoides (dwarf galagos). One extinct genus is Laetolia. Galagos are nocturnal primates. They hunt at night and feed on insects, small animals, gums, and fruits. They have large forward binocular eyes and large ears. They have a short wide snout. They have a tail that is longer than their head-body proportions. The tail as well as their hind limbs enables galagos to make powerful leaps or jumps. They communicate with each other through calls that are species-specific.
The dwarf galagos are galagos species from the genus Galagoides. This genus includes the following species:

  • G. cocos (Kenya coast dwarf galago)
  • G. demidovii (Prince Demidoff’s dwarf galago)
  • G. granti (Grant’s dwarf galago)
  • G. nyasae (Malawi dwarf galago)
  • G. orinus (Uluguru dwarf galago)
  • G. rondoensis (Rondo dwarf galago)
  • G. thomasi (Thomas’s dwarf galago)
  • G. zanzibaricus (Zanzibar dwarf galago)

Scientific classification:

  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Chordata
  • Class: Mammalia
  • Order: Primates
  • Suborder: Strepsirrhini
  • Superfamily: Lorisoidea
  • Family: Galagidae
  • Genus: Galagoides Smith, 1833
  • Other common name(s):

    • dwarf bushbaby

    See also:

  • primate
  • galago

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