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1. Chosen; taken by preference from among two or more. Colours quaint elect.
2. Chosen as the object of mercy or divine favor; set apart to eternal life. The elect angels.
3. Chosen to an office, but not yet actually inducted into it; as, bishop elect; governor or mayor elect.
Origin: L. Electus, p. P. Of eligere to elect; e out – legere to choose. See Legend, and cf. Elite, Eclectic.
1. One chosen or set apart. Behold my servant, whom i uphold; mine elect, in whom my soul delighteth. (Is. Xlii. 1)
2. Those who are chosen for salvation. Shall not god avenge his won elect? (Luke xviii. 7)
1. To pick out; to select; to choose. The deputy elected by the lord. (Shak)
2. To select or take for an office; to select by vote; as, to elect a representative, a president, or a governor.
3. To designate, choose, or select, as an object of mercy or favor.
Synonym: to choose, prefer, select. See Choose.
Origin: Elected; Electing.

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