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(taxonomy) A genus belonging to Class Archamoebae, and found as a parasite in the intestines of invertebrate host
Endamoeba species are amebae originally described from cockroaches.1 They belong to Family Entamoebidae, which includes other genera such as Entamoeba and Endolimax. Endamoeba species are different from Entamoeba species because Endamoeba lack a central endosome.2 Endamoeba species are also cyst producers. They belong to Class Archamoebae, which are identifiable through their lack of mitochondria.
During the first half of the 20th century, the genus Entamoeba was transferred to Endamoeba. However, this move was reverted in the late 1950s by the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature, and since then, the genus Entamoeba remained as is.3
Some of the species of this genus are Endamoeba blattae and Endamoeba similans. Endamoeba blattae is an amebic parasite found in the colon of cockroaches whereas Endamoeba simulans is an amebic parasite in the gut of termites.4
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  • Entamoeba
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