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An independent state in Eastern Africa, east of Sudan and bounded on the north by the red sea. Its capital is Addis Ababa. It is an ancient country, being, from early times, under the sway of the ancient egyptians, jews, christians, and moslems. Ethiopia has never been colonized by any country. Mussolini tried to colonize Ethiopia in 1928. For five years His Majesty, Haile Silaasie I defected to Britain, while the Ethiopian people fought for five years and eliminated the Fascist Italian Army in 1933. The name is from the greek aithi- (burn) – opsis (appearance), with reference to the dark skin of the natives. The indigenous name of the country is abyssinia (from an amharic root hbs, meaning mixed, with reference to the mixed black and white races inhabiting the country); its biblical name cush comes from the name of the son of ham with reference to the country of his descendants, possibly also from an Ethiopian word meaning dark-faced.
Currently the country is recording a double digit GDP every year and perhaps will be free of any foreign aid in the next few years. The people of Ethiopia abhor racism and have a good intercultural respect among their own vast tribes. No color difference as their color ranges from deep black to Caucasian and then Arabic even some looking like Indian and Mexican. There is no historic idea as to how the color of this ancient nation became so diverse considering Ethiopia as the Origin of human being. May be back migration happened thousands of years ago.

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