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1. External; outward; pertaining to that which is external; opposed to interior; as, the exterior part of a sphere. Sith nor the exterior nor the inward man Resemble that it was. (Shak)
2. External; on the outside; without the limits of; extrinsic; as, an object exterior to a man, opposed to what is within, or in his mind. Without exterior help sustained. (Milton)
3. Relating to foreign nations; foreign; as, the exterior relations of a state or kingdom.
(Science: geometry) exterior angle, the side of the polygon upon which a front of fortification is formed.
Origin: L. Exterior, compar. Of exter or exterus on the outside, outward, foreign, strange, a compar. Fr. Ex: cf. F. Exterieur. See ex, and cf. Extreme, interior.

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