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Fallopius, Gabriel
(Science: person) Italian anatomist.
Fallopius (Fallopio) of Modena, a loyal pupil of Vesalius and successor of the Chair at Padua (1551) discovered and described the ovaries, tubes (fallopian), vagina, placenta, chorda tympani, and the fifth, sixth, and ninth cranial nerves.
Although his name is attached to many subjects (Fallopio’s pyramidalis muscle, Fallopius nerve, fallopian aqueduct, Fallopio’s seminal vesicles, fallopian hiatus, Fallopius valve, ligament of Fallopio), he is eponymously remembered by the oviducts or fallopian tubes.
He wrote fluently on syphilis, surgery, diet and anatomy. Fallopius’ great work was the Observations in anatomy, which corrected some errors in the Fabrica, and was first published in Venice in 156l.
this text is acclaimed to be the second best anatomy (behind the Fabrica). Fallopius, at the age of 24, became professor of anatomy at Ferrara, then in 1548 at Pisa, and finally at Padua in 1551, where he was followed by his pupil, Gerolamo Fabrizio d ‘Acqueperdente, better known by the name Fabricius.
Lived: 1523-1562.
See: fallopian aqueduct, fallopian arch, fallopian canal, fallopian hiatus, fallopian ligament, fallopian neuritis, fallopian pregnancy, fallopian tube, aqueductus fallopii, tuba fallopiana, fallopian tube.

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