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One who farms; as:
One who hires and cultivates a farm; a cultivator of leased ground; a tenant.
One who is devoted to the tillage of the soil; one who cultivates a farm; an agriculturist; a husbandman.
One who takes taxes, customs, excise, or other duties, to collect, either paying a fixed annuual rent for the privilege; as, a farmer of the revenues.
(Science: chemical) The lord of the field, or one who farms the lot and cope of the crown. Farmer-general Fermier-general, one to whom the right of levying certain taxes, in a particular district, was farmed out, under the former french monarchy, for a given sum paid down. Farmers satin, a light material of cotton and worsted, used for coat linings. The kings farmer, one to whom the collection of a royal revenue was farmed out.
Origin: cf. F. Fermier.

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