1. Watery vapor condensed in the lower part of the atmosphere and disturbing its transparency. It differs from cloud only in being near the ground, and from mist in not approaching so nearly to fine rain. See Cloud.
2. A state of mental confusion. Fog alarm, fog bell, fog horn, etc, a bell, horn, whistle or other contrivance that sounds an alarm, often automatically, near places of danger where visible signals would be hidden in thick weather. Fog bank, a mass of fog resting upon the sea, and resembling distant land. Fog ring, a bank of fog arranged in a circular form, often seen on the coast of newfoundland.
Origin: dan. Sneefog snow falling thick, drift of snow, driving snow, cf. Icel. Fok spray, snowdrift, fj?? snowstorm, fj?ka to drift.
(Science: photography) to show indistinctly or become indistinct, as the picture on a negative sometimes does in the process of development.
(Science: agriculture) a second growth of grass; aftergrass.
dead or decaying grass remaining on land through the winter; called also foggage.
Sometimes called, in new England, old tore. In Scotland, fog is a general name for moss.
Origin: cf. Scot. Fog, fouge, moss, foggag? Rank grass, LL. Fogagium, W. Ffug dry grass.

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