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noun, plural: fructosamines
A hexosamine based upon fructose, i.e. a fructose whose hydroxyl group is replaced by an amine group
An amino sugar is a sugar molecule wherein the hydroxyl group is replaced by an amine group. Hexosamines are amino sugars wherein the sugar derivative is a hexose. Examples of hexosamines are glucosamine (based upon glucose), galactosamine (based upon galactose), fructosamine (based upon fructose), and mannosamine (based upon mannose).
Fructosamine is an amino sugar based upon fructose. In humans and other animals, the level of fructosamine in blood is measured. It forms when glucose combines with protein present in blood serum (mainly, albumin). The combination of glucose and protein occurs through a process called glycation. Thus, the resulting fructosamine is also referred to as glycated serum protein. The more glucose molecules are present in the blood the more glycated proteins are formed. The serum proteins are normally present in the blood for about 14 to 21 days. Because of this, measuring and monitoring the amount of fructosamine or glycated proteins in the blood for over a period of two to three weeks denote the average blood glucose level within such period. This fructosamine testing has been made available for use especially in diabetic individuals that need to monitor and keep blood glucose levels as close as possible to normal.

  • glycated serum protein (GSP)

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