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a woody glen; a narrow valley containing a stream.
Origin: Icel. Gil.
1. (Science: anatomy) An organ for aquatic respiration; a branchia. Fishes perform respiration under water by the gills. (Ray)
gills are usually lamellar or filamentous appendages, through which the blood circulates, and in which it is exposed to the action of the air contained in the water. In vertebrates they are appendages of the visceral arches on either side of the neck. In invertebrates they occupy various situations.
2. (Science: botany) The radiating, gill-shaped plates forming the under surface of a mushroom.
3. (Science: zoology) The fleshy flap that hangs below the beak of a fowl; a wattle.
4. The flesh under or about the chin.
5. One of the combs of closely ranged steel pins which divide the ribbons of flax fibre or wool into fewer parallel filaments. So called from f. Aiguilles, needles gill arches, gill bars.
(Science: anatomy) horny filaments, or progresses, on the inside of the branchial arches of fishes, which help to prevent solid substances from being carried into gill cavities.
Origin: dan. Giaelle, gelle; akin to
Sw. Gal, Icel. Gjolnar gills; cf. As. Geagl, geahl, jaw.
1. A young woman; a sweetheart; a flirting or wanton girl. Each jack with his gill.
2. (Science: botany) The ground ivy (nepeta Glechoma); called also gill over the ground, and other like names.
3. Malt liquor medicated with ground ivy. Gill ale. Ale flavored with ground ivy.
(Science: botany) alehoof.
Origin: Abbrev. From Gillian.
Any of the radiating leaflike spore-producing structures on the underside of the cap of a mushroom or similar fungus.

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