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to make glad; to cheer; to gladden; to exhilarate. That which gladded all the warrior train. (Dryden) Each drinks the juice that glads the heart of man. (Pope)
Origin: as. Gladian. See glad, and cf. Gladden.
1. Pleased; joyous; happy; cheerful; gratified; opposed to sorry, sorrowful, or unhappy; said of persons, and often followed by of, at, that, or by the infinitive, and sometimes by with, introducing the cause or reason. A wise son maketh a glad father. (Prov. X. 1) He that is glad at calamities shall not be unpunished. (Prov. Xvii. 5) The Trojan, glad with sight of hostile blood. (Dryden) He, glad of her attention gained. (Milton) As we are now glad to behold your eyes. (Shak) Glad am i that your highness is so armed. (Shak) glad on ‘t, glad of it.
2. Wearing a gay or bright appearance; expressing or exciting joy; producing gladness; exhilarating. Her conversation More glad to me than to a miser money is. (Sir P. Sidney) Glad evening and glad morn crowned the fourth day. (Milton)
Synonym: Pleased, gratified, exhilarated, animated, delighted, happy, cheerful, joyous, joyful, cheering, exhilarating, pleasing, animating.
glad, Delighted, Gratified. Delighted expresses a much higher degree of pleasure than glad. Gratified always refers to a pleasure conferred by some human agent, and the feeling is modified by the consideration that we owe it in part to another. A person may be glad or delighted to see a friend, and gratified at the attention shown by his visits.
Origin: as. Glaed bright, glad; akin to D. Glad smooth, g. Glatt, OHG. Glat smooth, shining, Icel. Glar glad, bright, dan. & Sw. Glad glad, lith. Glodas smooth, and prob. To L. Glaber, and E. Glide. Cf. Glabrous.

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