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Glucose transporter 5

A membrane protein that facilitates fructose transport expressed abundantly on the brush border of the small intestine, proximal kidney tubules and sperm of the testis.
Glucose transporter 5 genes are mapped on chromosome 1 with 501 amino acids that expresses on the apical border of enterocytes in the small intestine which shows high affinity to fructose and acts as motor complex protein necessary for the cochlear amplification in the outer hair cells. It allows fructose to be transported from the intestinal lumen into the enterocytes via facilitated diffusion due to high concentration. It is as well expressed in skeletal muscle, testis, fat tissues, kidney and brain.
Glucose transporter 5 possessed alternative transcriptional initiation sites in somatic and germ cells where a significant increase of GLUT5 mRNA expression levels on testis in which this expression is characterized by 7.7kb genomic fragment. Moreover this protein is responsible for the upstream stimulatory factor and sex determining region binding sites that portrays tissue distribution, sensitivity to dietary fructose in the small intestine, and developmental expression in the testis.
Glucose transporter 5 is a member of wide group of membrane proteins that assist transport of glucose above plasma membrane since glucose is an essential source of energy of all life forms including all phyla but specifically most abundant in mammalian cells.
Gene name: SLC2A5
Protein name: Facilitated glucose transporter member 5
Fructose transporter
Glucose transporter type 5
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