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1. Bold; brave; stout; daring; resolu?e; intrepid. Hap helpeth hardy man alway. (Chaucer)
2. Confident; full of assurance; in a bad sense, morally hardened; shameless.
3. Strong; firm; compact. A blast may shake in pieces his hardy fabric. (South)
4. Inured to fatigue or hardships; strong; capable of endurance; as, a hardy veteran; a hardy mariner.
5. Able to withstand the cold of winter.
plants which are hardy in virginia may perish in new England. Half-hardy plants are those which are able to withstand mild winters or moderate frosts.
Origin: F.hardi, p. P. Fr. OF. Hardir to make bold; of german origin, cf. OHG. Hertan to harden, g. Harten. See hard.

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