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1. (Science: zoology) a rodent of the genus Lepus, having long hind legs, a short tail, and a divided upper lip. It is a timid animal, moves swiftly by leaps, and is remarkable for its fecundity.
The species of hares are numerous. The common European hare is Lepustimidus. The northern or varying hare of America (Lepus Americanus), and the prairie hare (Lepus campestris), turn white in winter. In America, the various species of hares are commonly called rabbits.
2. (Science: astronomy) a small constellation situated south of and under the foot of Orion; Lepus.
3. (Science: zoology) hare kangaroo see aplysia.
Origin: as. Hara; akin to D. Haas, g. Hase, OHG. Haso, dan. Ae Sw. Hare, Icel. Hri, Skr. Aa.

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