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Cushing, harvey
(Science: person) this leader of neurosurgery was born in Cleveland, Ohio, graduated from Harvard in 1895, remained at Massachusetts general hospital for one year, spent 15 years at Johns hopkins, returned to Harvard as professor of surgery, and retired in new Haven where he continued actively until his death.
Cushing’s accomplishments in neurosurgery were amazing. In 1906, he demonstrated the relationship between pituitary tumours and sexual infantilism. In 1917, he published a classic, The pituitary Body and Its disorders. Cushing wrote many charming essays, some of which were published as a collection under the title, Consecratio Medici in 1928.
He was an earnest collector of books and bequeathed his valuable collection to the Yale library. Among his many publications were a biography of 0sler, and a biography of Andreas Vesalius.
Lived: 1869-1939.

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