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1. Not potent; wanting power, strength. Or vigor. Whether physical, intellectual, or moral; deficient in capacity; destitute of force; weak; feeble; infirm. There sat a certain man at Lystra, impotent inhis feet. (acts xiv. 8) O most lame and impotent conclusion! (Shak) Not slow to hear, Nor impotent to save. (Addison)
2. Wanting the power of self-restraint; incontrolled; ungovernable; violent. Impotent of tongue, her silence broke. (Dryden)
3. (Science: medicine) Wanting the power of procreation; unable to copulate; also, sometimes, sterile; barren.
Origin: f. Impotent, L. Impotens, -entis; pref. Im- not – potens potent, powerful. See potent.

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