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Inclusion Body Myositis

It is a common form of inflamatory myopathy, which is misdiagnosed as steroid-resistant polymyositis symptoms, presents as a painless slowly progressive proximal myopathy.
Effects: It may cause dysphagia, mild to moderate muscle wasting diagnosis, serum creatine kinase levels usually normal or only slightly elevated, EMG may show non-specific myopathic features.
Diagnosis: is on muscle biopsy, inclusion bodies seen in rimmed vacuoles in skeletal muscle fibres treatment and steroids and immunosuppression generally are ineffective. Rare patients reported who have made a response to treatment pathogenesis, unknown, ubiquitin, prion protein, tau protein found in inclusions, abnormal mitchondria seen in some case. This is most common in the elderly, equal sex incidence, sporadic idiopathic disease (very rarely familial).Defined by Sobhan Kumar Matcha.

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