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a country in southern Asia; the two peninsulas of hither and Farther India; in a restricted sense, hither india, or Hindostan. India ink, a nearly black pigment brought chiefly from china, used for water colours. It is in rolls, or in square, and consists of lampblack or ivory black and animal glue. Called also china ink. The true india ink is sepia. See sepia. India matting, floor matting made in china, india, etc, from grass and reeds; also called Canton, or china, matting. India paper, a variety of Chinese paper, of smooth but not glossy surface, used for printing from engravings, woodcuts, etc. India proof, a proof impression from an engraved plate, taken on india paper. India rubber. See Caoutchouc.
(Science: botany) indiarubber tree, any tree yielding caoutchouc, but especially the East indian ficus elastica, often cultivated for its large, shining, elliptical leaves.
See: indian.

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