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1. The act of inquiring; inquiry; search; examination; inspection; investigation. As i could learn through earnest inquisition. (Latimer) Let not search and inquisition quail to bring again these foolish runaways. (Shak)
2. Judicial inquiry; official examination; inquest. The finding of a jury, especially such a finding under a writ of inquiry. The justices in eyre had it formerly in charge to make inquisition concerning them by a jury of the county. (Blackstone)
3. A court or tribunal for the examination and punishment of heretics, fully established by pope Gregory IX. In 1235. Its operations were chiefly confined to Spain, Portugal, and their dependencies, and a part of Italy.
Origin: L. Inquisitio: cf. F. Inquisition. See Inquire, and cf. Inquest.

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