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Kallikrein 9

A member of subgroup serine proteases that confers various physiologic functions in many tissues particularly implicated in cancer cell line.
Kallikrein 9 gene mapped on chromosome 19q13.41 that contains 5 exons in which it is regulated by steroid hormones in breast cancer cell line. It is involved in tumorigenesis and other disease conferring importance in growth and progression implicated in the development of the diseases.
Kallikrein 9 is differentially expressed in ovarian and breast cancer. Human plasma kallikrein is produced in the liver and circulates in the plasma hurdle to molecular weight as a free zymogen once activated by coagulation factor XII displays endopeptidase activity towards peptide bonds after arginine and lysine and is also able to cleaved inactive precursor proteins to generate active products like prourokinase and plasminogen.
Kallikrein 9 is a possible independent encouraging prognostic marker for early stage optimally exposed ovarian cancer in which concentration in affected patients contains high level in serum.
Gene name: KLK9
Protein name: Kallikrein-9
Kallikrein-like protein 3
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