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1. To allow the custody and use of, on condition of the return of the same; to grant the temporary use of; as, to lend a book; opposed to borrow. Give me that ring. Ill lend it thee, my dear, but have no power to give it from me. (Shak)
2. To allow the possession and use of, on condition of the return of an equivalent in kind; as, to lend money or some article of food. Thou shalt not give him thy money upon usury, nor lend him thy victuals for increase. (Levit. Xxv. 37)
3. To afford; to grant or furnish in general; as, to lend assistance; to lend one’s name or influence. Cato, lend me for a while thy patience. (Addison) Mountain lines and distant horizons lend space and largeness to his compositions. (j. A. Symonds)
4. To let for hire or compensation; as, to lend a horse or gig.
this use of the word is rare in the united states, except with reference to money. To lend a hand, to give assistance; to help. To lend an ear or one’s ears, to give attention.
Origin: OE.lenen, as. Lnan, fr. Ln loan; akin to g. Lehnen to lend. See Loan.

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