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1. Pertaining to a master; magisterial; authoritative; dogmatic.
2. Commanded or prescribed by a magister, especially. By a doctor; hence, effectual; sovereign; as, a magistral sirup. Some magistral opiate.
3. (Science: pharmacology) Formulated extemporaneously, or for a special case; opposed to officinal, and said of prescriptions and medicines. Magistral line, the guiding line, or outline, or outline, by which the form of the work is determined. It is usually the crest line of the parapet in fieldworks, or the top line of the escarp in permanent fortifications.
Origin: L. Magistralis: cf. F. Magistral. See Magistrate.
1. (Science: medicine) a sovereign medicine or remedy.
2. A magistral line.
3. (Science: chemistry) Powdered copper pyrites used in the amalgamation of ores of silver, as at the spanish mines of Mexico and south America.

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