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Mental Toughness


Mental Toughness
mental Toughness is a quality which determines, in some part, how individuals perform when exposed to stressors, pressure and challenge.
It can play a significant role in determining how an individual manages stress as well as being a key factor in enabling individuals to perform to the peak of their abilities.
research under the direction of Dr. Peter Clough ch. Psych. – has identified that there are four key components of Mental Toughness – which together provide an overall measure of mental Toughness.
Dr peter Cough’s work has shown that there appears to be ”’4 core components of mental Toughness.
The four components he calls the 4C’s – CONTROL; CHALLENGE; commitment and CONFIDENCE. (These form the 4 scales in the mental Toughness measure MTQ48 http://www.mtq48.co.uk)
mental Toughness appears to provide insight into the following:
What causes one person to succumb and another to thrive in the same circumstances?
Can we identify people’s strengths and weaknesses in these areas?
Can we “toughen up??? Individuals to enable them to handle stressful situations better?
How can we support individuals better with their specific needs?
source: AQR ltd http://www.aqr.co.uk

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