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Mini enema

A small amount of liquid bowel stimulant injected into the rectum. Typically given to relieve constipation or to evacuate the lower bowel before a medical exam. ingredients commonly used in the mini-enema are bisacodyl or docusate sodium or glycerin. Called a mini-enema because the amount of liquid in the enema is usually one ounce or less.
Mini-enemas usually result in a bowel movement within 30 minutes and as a result are given at the time a bowel movement is desired, in contrast to other laxative methods which may require a longer waiting period. Due to the small volume given, distension of the bowel is not a factor in stimulating the bowel movment, therefore, a minimum waiting period of 15 to 20 minutes is usually required in order to for the enema to be effective. The patient is either placed on their left side for administration of the enema, or, if the patient is in good health, the knee-chest position may be more effective since it can result in the liquid flowing deeper into the colon.

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