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A group of selectin molecules expressed on the surface of endothelial cell as stimulated by activated platelets, and involved primarily in inflammation
The function of P-selectin is similar to E-selectin. These molecules are produced on the surface of stimulated endothelial cells for inflammatory mechanism. The primary difference is P-selectin is stored inside the Weibel-Palade bodies (storage granules) inside the unactivated endothelial cell as well as in α-granules in unactivated platelet whereas E-selectin is not stored but produced on demand.
Also called:

  • CD62P
  • Granule Membrane Protein 140 (GMP-140)
  • Platelet Activation-Dependent Granule to External Membrane Protein (PADGEM)

See also:

  • L-selectin
  • E-selectin
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