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Paraaortic body

noun, plural: paraaortic bodies
A small mass of chromaffin cells derived from neural crest, located near sympathetic ganglia along the abdominal aorta, and serves in homeostatic regulation of blood pressure and in secretion of catecholamines into the fetal circulation during the early gestational period.
The paraaortic body regresses in the late third trimester and following birth, and form the aorticosympathetic group of the adult paraganglia.
Word origin: from Gk para-, comb. form repr. pará (prep.) beside, alongside of, by, beyond + aortic < Gk aorte, the great artery, lit., something hung, carried; akin to aeírein to lift, carry.
Synonym: organ of Zuckerkandl.

Compare: aortic body.

See also: chromaffin cell.

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