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1. An opening, road, or track, available for passing; especially, one through or over some dangerous or otherwise impracticable barrier; a passageway; a defile; a ford; as, a mountain pass. Try not the pass! the old man said. (Longfellow)
2. A thrust or push; an attempt to stab or strike an adversary.
3. A movement of the hand over or along anything; the manipulation of a mesmerist.
4. A single passage of a bar, rail, sheet, etc, between the rolls.
5. State of things; condition; predicament. Have his daughters brought him to this pass. (Shak) Matters have been brought to this pass. (south)
6. Permission or license to pass, or to go and come; a psssport; a ticket permitting free transit or admission; as, a railroad or theater pass; a military pass. A ship sailing under the flag and pass of an enemy. (Kent)
7. A thrust; a sally of wit.
8. Estimation; character. Common speech gives him a worthy pass. (Shak)
9. Cf. Passus A part; a division. Pass boat, a wooden or metallic box, used to carry cartridges from the service magazine to the piece. Pass check, a ticket of admission to a place of entertainment, or of readmission for one who goes away in expectation of returning.
Origin: Cf. F. Pas (for sense 1), and passe, fr. Passer to pass. See Pass.

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