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1. To trouble; to disturb; to annoy; to harass with petty vexations. We are pestered with mice and rats. (dr. H. More) A multitude of scribblers daily pester the world. (Dryden)
2. To crowd together in an annoying way; to overcrowd; to infest. All rivers and pools . . . Pestered full with fishes. (Holland)
Origin: Abbrev. Fr. Impester, fr. OF. Empaistrier, empestrer, to entangle the feet or legs, to embarrass, F. Empetrer; pref. Em-, en- (L. In in) – LL. Pastorium, pastoria, a fetter by which horses are prevented from wandering in the pastures, fr. L. Pastorius belonging to a herdsman or shepherd, pastor a herdsman. See In, and Pasture, Pastor.

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