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1. To make foul, impure, or unclean; to defile; to taint; to soil; to desecrate; used of physical or moral defilement. The land was polluted with blood., Wickedness . . . Hath polluted the whole earth.
2. To violate sexually; to debauch; to dishonor.
3. To render ceremonially unclean; to disqualify or unfit for sacred use or service, or for social intercourse. Neither shall ye pollute the holy things of the children of Israel, lest ye die. (Num. Xviii. 32) They have polluted themselves with blood. (Lam. Iv. 14)
Synonym: To defile, soil, contaminate, corrupt, taint, vitiate, debauch, dishonor, ravish.
Origin: L. Pollutus, p. P. Of polluere to defile, to pollute, from a prep. Appearing only in comp. – luere to wash. See Position, Lave.

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