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This is a rare disorder of the central nervous system wherein cysts or caivties occur in the brain substance, communicating usually with the lateral ventricles. The cysts or cavities are usually the remnants of destructive lesions, or damage that result from infection, loss of blood flow, stroke during brain development, or may also be genetic in origin.
individuals diagnosed with porencephaly may show signs of poor or absent speech development, epilepsy, hydrocephalus, spastic contractures (shrinkage or shortening of muscles), and mental retardation. To manage this condition, treatments may include physical therapy, medication for seizure disorders, and a shunt for hydrocephalus.
The prognosis for individuals with porencephaly varies according to the location and extent of the lesion. Some patients may develop only minor neurological problems and have normal intelligence, while others may be severely disabled. Others may die before the second decade of life.
Synonym: porencephalia, spelencephaly.
Origin: g. Poros, pore, – enkephalos, brain

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